Our scientific conference is a key part of a series of events dedicated to brain research taking place from 12-15 October

The HBP Summit will be a four-day event, kicking off with the European Brain Summit taking place on-site in the heart of Brussels, followed by an internal day of HBP meetings carried out online, and finished off by two days of an online scientific conference.

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European Brain Summit

We will start on Tuesday, 12 October, with an open European event, organized jointly with the European Brain Council, an organization that is at the forefront of advocacy for brain research in Europe. Our aim will be to discuss how the challenge of the brain can become the focal point of Europe’s scientific and technological efforts, and what opportunities it provides. As the seat of many European institutions, Brussels is the right place to discuss how to take up such a challenge.

HBP Scientific Conference

Our scientific conference will take place on Thursday, 14 October and Friday, 15 October. The Human Brain Project is now in its final phase and is abundant in scientific achievements. One of the main long-term legacies of the project is its EBRAINS Research Infrastructure which was co-designed and co-developed by the project's multidisciplinary teams of scientists and IT engineers over the years. The conference will showcase how EBRAINS builds on the Human Brain Project's scientific excellence, how it can assist the research community, and the role it plays as an enabler of scientific progress.

HBP Internal Day

Wednesday, 13 October, will be dedicated to internal meetings, allowing the Human Brain Project teams to hold working sessions and discussions. Despite the physical distance, an interactive online setting will allow colleagues and fellow researchers to get together and discuss, collaborate and reconnect once again.

The event is hosted by the EBRAINS AISBL, the new coordinator of the Human Brain Project and the Central Hub of the EBRAINS Research Infrastructure. The programme has been designed by our excellent Human Brain Project Programme Committee, to which we are very grateful for its hard work and dedication over the past few months.

On behalf of the entire organizing team, we are greatly looking forward to welcoming you to the HBP Summit 2021 and we very much hope you will find it to be a greatly inspiring event.

Paweł Świeboda
Human Brain Project
Director General
Katrin Amunts
Human Brain Project
Scientific Research Director
Summit 2021

The Human Brain Project is now in its final phase and has continuously evolved, adapted, and progressed to deliver cutting-edge neuroscience and brain-inspired innovation.

One of the key achievements of the project is the creation of the EBRAINS Research Infrastructure.

The Human Brain Project Summit 2021 provides an open forum for hundreds of researchers, plus policy makers, media and public, to discuss exciting scientific results, the latest developments in the project, and the cutting-edge services and tools available on the EBRAINS Research Infrastructure

This year’s event will take place in an on-site and online format, with the European Brain Summit being hosted in Brussels and the HBP Internal Day and Scientific Conference being hosted online. We look forward to hosting you for a lively scientific discussion and exchange of ideas around groundbreaking brain science.

Closing of registrations: 10/10/2021 – 23:59

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The European Brain Summit will be a unique opportunity to explore the challenge of understanding the brain and the role that Europe should continue to play in this endeavour.

High-level speakers and experts will present their vision of the future of European brain health research in the context of the European Health Union.

New innovative solutions and technological advancements will be explored.

Our objective is to create a genuine momentum for scientific breakthroughs and policy advancement to the benefit of European citizens.

This will be a unique opportunity to discuss ways of advancing brain health research through scientific collaborations, digital innovation, data management and patient centricity.


Programme Committee members

  • Portrait of  Paweł Świeboda

    Paweł Świeboda

    Director General of The Human Brain Project, CEO of EBRAINS AISBL
  • Portrait of  Katrin Amunts

    Katrin Amunts

    Forschungszentrum Jülich
  • Portrait of  Lars Klüver

    Lars Klüver

    Danish Board of Technology
  • Portrait of  Jan Bjaalie

    Jan Bjaalie

    University of Oslo
  • Portrait of  France Nivelle

    France Nivelle

  • Portrait of  Sabine Ruland

    Sabine Ruland

    Forschungszentrum Jülich
  • Portrait of  Patricia Carvajal

    Patricia Carvajal

  • Portrait of  Lisa Otten

    Lisa Otten

    Aix-Marseille University
  • Portrait of  Roman Volchenkov

    Roman Volchenkov

    University of Oslo

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Deadline: 19 September 2021

The HBP Summit Program Committee is looking forward to receiving high quality posters presented from HBP members, collaborators and researchers interested in HBP and EBRAINS at the Human Brain Project Summit 2021.

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